Cherie is on a mission. A mission to tease you with her gorgeous legs and feet. She wants you to watch her as she primps and preens, teetering in her insanely high 7" vintage stiletto heels. These heels are so high she can barely stand in them. She gives her quivering legs and feet a break and sit back on the couch, displaying her shimmering nylon covered legs for you. Laying back, she delights in the soft rustling sound that the soft, silky pantyhose make as she rubs her legs together. She really wants to please, so brings her foot up to her mouth and sucks on her heel before pulling the shoe off with her teeth. Then she sucks her foot with abandon, all the while rubbing the increasingly wet crotch of her pantyhose. The passion builds and she pulls out a vibrator and finishes herself off, ending in a long, explosive climax... yummy stuff for foot and leg lovers I must say.
Now here's a throw back! Check out this set of Ms. Cali Logan. I believe it is one of the last times we shot with this natural. She's got her own production company going now. Go take a look and see if you can get Cali to produce your custom.
We were all having a good day when these pictures were shot. Kobe as usual was her gorgeous self, Jewel did beautiful makeup and hair while Jim put her in a very sexy leather number. You can really see in these pictures that Kobe was really digging it. I love the way these pantyhose shine on her tan legs. She has the cutest, smallest wrinkliest feet ever. You can see why foot fetish and pantyhose fetish fans can't get enough of Kobe Lee!
Who doesn't like to play dress up?!?! Kendra James is never one to turn down wearing a cute outfit for us! I love the way her school girl uniform hugs her curves. Her copper pantyhose giving her long legs a beautiful tan. You can probably guess Kendra was a brat in high school too. She knows how to get what she wants!
September 16, 2016
Sara Liz is so much fun to work with. It's like she discovers something new each time we work, and so do we. On this day Jim wanted her to experience full body nylon; Let her explore what it feels like to have her hands covered in nylon as she touches herself. You can see she likes what she's feeling. You can also tell she really likes those shoes. This is yet another wonderful set of pictures capturing Sara as she explores her kinky side. Enjoy! Make sure you get the video too!
Is there anything that doesn't look good on Anastasia? I love the way this tight shiny latex hugs all her curves. Her all natural boobs certainly do get your attention and she knows it.
Sara Liz is back and so is her very kinky side. Dressed in a stretchy black latex corselette, a pair of sheer pantyhose, a pair of very sheer, 7 denier reinforced heel and toe stockings, stocking gloves, and a pair of 6" stiletto sandals, she can't keep her hands off of herself. The feeling of the crazy fetish outfit on her body drives her mad with lust. She begins touching herself; rubbing her stocking covered hand across her silky legs, feet and crotch. She takes off her shoe, smells its sole and licks it while continuing to touch herself. She takes off her other shoe and slowly pulls off one of her stockings before sliding it back and forth between her crotch; against her aching clit. Sara smells the sweet aroma of the stocking while rubbing her pussy. Off comes the other stocking and after masturbating with it, she brings it up to her face and blindfolds herself. She then sits back and really goes to town, bringing herself to a gut wrenching orgasm... a very sexy video for those fans of nylons, encasement and layering. Awesome.
I love this old set of Laurie Wallace. You can just see how much fun she was to work with. She always had a little bit of girl next door mixed with some sassiness and then there was that sultry side to her. She always was a fan favorite and I can see why.
After a hard day at work Karlie Montana comes home to put on what she really wants to wear. She's been fantasizing about this outfit all day at work. She slips out of her dress and slides her chocolate pantyhose off replacing them with a sheer black pair. Next she glides on her latex girdle adding tight latex stockings. After she snaps her garters to her stockings she zips into a scoop neck latex shirt. For the finale she squeezes her feet into restricting ballet shoes (toe shoes). Mmmmm just how she imagined it would feel. She rolls around enjoying the sensations, working herself up and wanting more. She grabs her vibrator and makes herself cum. I'd say that was a great way to end your day, wouldn't you Karlie!
Karlie Montana comes home from a long week at work. Her body aches and she is in need of some tender loving care. She sits on the couch and massages her tired legs. The touch of the soft nylon on her skin causes her to be come turned on. She reaches into her pantyhose and begins to touch herself. Suddenly, she has a thought. She slowly removes her work clothes and then dons another type of outfit. One that she can't possibly go to work in. She slowly puts on a pair of black pantyhose, then a black latex girdle, latex stockings and latex top. She then slides on her favorite pair of shoes with the 7" ballet heels. Now she really can't keep her hands off of herself. She leans back and begins to masturbate. She pulls out a vibrator and really goes to town, bringing herself to a gut wrenching orgasm. What a wonderful way to start a weekend. Have a safe and happy Holiday weekend (in the USA)
Here's a blast from the past. Karina in this skin tight french maid outfit. It hugs her curves perfectly. Her natural breasts bulge out the tope with just the right amount of cleavage. Her friend thought it would be fun to be involved in a shoot. With legs like hers, Jim wasn't going to say no! They both have beautiful dancer legs. And as you can see they have a thing for high arched feet and pointed toes. Man can they point those long toes!!! This is a real treat for all you stocking leg fans!
You're immediately drawn to her big blue eyes and those full red lips giving you the perfect pout. Then you notice her long curvy legs and they're covered in not only black stockings but also sheer pantyhose. It's all held up with garters attached to her shiny latex dress. With matching black latex gloves Mary Jane definitely has your attention. She likes that. Now she's going to show you just what she can do with those stunning legs.
Mary Jane is such a classic beauty. She embodies everything vintage pin up. Her high arches are super curvy in these extreme heels. She is one of the few gals we work with who can prance around in shoes like this. I've been witness to her walking down Hollywood Blvd. in 6 inch heels and let me tell you it is a site to behold. She can't stop admiring her long legs in sheer pantyhose with those killer heels at the end of her feet. She rubs her legs back and forth like a cricket looking for a mate. Be careful.....
Randy Moore is quite the secretary don't you think? Those long legs tucked up into that pencil skirt hugging her curves makes my mind wonder, I wonder if what's up her skirt is as sweet as imagined?
Everyone has left the office for the weekend so Randy enjoys a little overtime. The innocent looking ones are always the naughtiest! What's your secretary do at the office when you're away?
Every time I see pictures of Jenna Lyte I wonder where she is and what she's doing today. If you see this, say hi Jenna! This is a set from 2003. We were all learning what we know now. We were exploring and finding ourselves. We found we really really like shiny, tight fetish clothing and taking pictures and video of gals enjoying themselves in it. I hope you've had fun finding yourselves too!
It's been a long day with some tragic news. I will try and write something for these sexy pictures of Dee Williams in the morning. Until then enjoy the view.
Her boobs are huge and Dee loves to show them off. Even when she is home by the fire she has barely any clothing on. I can't blame her though because she does have a smoking hot body. In this clip she can't keep her hands off herself. She brings herself to orgasm with her soft fingers and you can see it all through the sheer hosiery. She's a kink y gal and has to pinch her nipples to help get herself worked up. I hope she gets you worked up too.
Back in the day we had the chance to work with Dita frequently. This was a set inspired by John Willie. The merge of Dita's burlesque style and the nature of Willie's work go hand in hand. I bet Dita would play the role of Gwendoline perfectly! Guest appearance by Burt.